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Get to know: M.G. Davis

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Marielle G. Davis was born in 1990 in Chino Hills, CA. She’s been a storyteller at heart ever since she was a child. After graduating from Chino Hills High School in 2008, she went to work for the Disneyland Resort, which she still does to this day. She was first published in 2007 when a high school essay was featured in the collection called Believing in Greatness by Elder & Leemaur—Publishers. Broken Things and Angel Feathers is her first novel.​​

Her first work began with a simple idea-turned-manuscript. Drawing from the classic good versus evil stories of her upbringing, her favorite action and fantasy inspiration, and her own experiences with depression, hope and battling demons, her story has grown into a thrilling debut novel for young adults with a message for all ages. Her completed work was released August 15, 2015, and can be found online everywhere e-books are sold.

Marielle has been writing as long as she can remember, and reading just longer than that. Born and raised in Southern California, her own experiences are what she draws the most inspiration from - before adding in a heavy dose of imagination. She is currently working on other novels, short stories, and the best quippy one-liners you've ever heard.​